Sollogoub Ivan

Ivan Sollogoub was born in 1974, in Paris, to a family of Russian immigrants.Sollogoub learned the basics of fine art from Sergei Tutunov- a painter trained in the Russian naturalist tradition at the Surikov Institute in Moscow. After a few years of apprenticeship in Tutonov’s studio, Sollogoub settled into his own studio in Paris; first in the 18th arrondissement, then he relocated to the 10th, where he works to this day.

During a long trip to Morocco, the artists was inspired by the astonishing vivacity of the contrasts, of light as of color, and from that point onwards gradually tried to retransmit this feeling in his works. Sollogoub also draws inspiration from cities, especially from their aesthetics during night-time.

In Sergei Tutunov’s Studio, in Paris.

2007, Dragon Gallery, Paris, France

2013,  Oberkampf Gallery, Paris, France.

2014,  Oberkampf Gallery, Paris, France.

2015, Fert Gallery, Yvoire, France.

Solo exhibitions:
2007 Dragon Gallery, Paris , France
2013 “Focus” exhibition, Oberkampf Gallery, Paris, France.
2013"Some landscapes, some lights” exhibition, La Maison Rouge restaurant, Carouge, Suisse.
2014,“To be Urban” exhibition, Oberkampf gallery, Paris, France.
2015 “First exit to Manhattan” exhibition,  Interdisciplinary Research Center
Paris, France.
2015 Exhibition in Galerie Fert, Yvoire, France.
2016 “Calm” exhibition , La Maison Rouge restaurant, Carouge, Suisse.
2017 “Antipodes” exhibition, 12CO, Paris, France.
2018 Exhibition in Maison Chauvet-Lullin, Vernier, Suisse.

Group exhibitions:
2000-2005, Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain de la Bastille, Paris , France.
2007- 2017, Circuit des têtes de l’Art, Espace Roazhon, Rennes, France.
2012, “Poetic Variations”exhibition, Musée de la Poste, Paris, France.
2013, “Scenes from Cities” exhibition, Hospice Saint-Charles, Rosny-sur-Seine, France.

Artist’s statement
“And she shows you where to look among the garbage and the flowers”
Leonard Cohen, Suzanne.

“The first thing that presides over my artistic approach is poetry.
I believe in pictorial, nonverbal poetry: one that elevates our gaze on the world.
I believe that painting, like poetry, is an elegant and loving way of expressing life. It is a constant fight against the chaos that assails it and whose end can only be unfortunate.
I seek in painting to find this fragile point of balance- fragile because, like life itself, it is always unstable.
Each painting is the result, more or less successful, of this struggle to find this balance; balance between the subject and the pictorial material, balance between figuration and abstraction, balance between graphics and painting, balance between the intimate and the universal. Between the beauty of mystery and the mystery of beauty.
I try to feed my paintings with the many visual influences that I have absorbed into my life. I come from a background of Russian naturalistic figurative painting, through my training with a painter from the Sourikov Institute of Moscow.
My Russian origins also played on my visual culture. In my life there is the constant presence of the icon and its graphic specificities.
Graphic specificities that I also found in comic books, optical specifics (including the fuzziness) and in photography or cinema (in terms of framing).
I believe that any work of art, to gain an universal appeal, must leave the most intimate part of self and be transcended as a painting, thus becoming intimately appropriated by each. The process is to question the usual, to make speak these "common things"- thus making them finally express what is that we are.
No longer the extraordinary, the exotic, but the infra-ordinary- the endotic.
That's why I paint only my immediate environment: my relatives, my normal life, the journeys that punctuate it.
All is an excuse to paint and to try to render the received blow to a thousand vibrations, even if it is of deep normality.
Perhaps these concerns may seem trivial or frivolous, and that is precisely what makes them as, if not more, essential than so many others through which we have vainly tried to capture our truth.